THE STANTON HEIGHTS Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture Tuesday at 7 p.m. will be interpreted for the hearing-impaired thanks to a grant from Reginald’s Dry Cleaning of Stanton Avenue.

The Dravosburg Interplanetary Society will be attempting to communicate with extraterrestrial civilizations by telegram tomorrow morning at 7:00 sharp. Meet us at the Western Union office.

The Flatwood Wild Animal Kingdom will be holding its annual Grey Squirrel Daze beginning Thursday. Grey squirrels will probably make an appearance.

The Desolation Theater’s innovative production of Shakespeare’s Henry V, set in a small-town advertising agency during the Great Depression, has been extended for two more weeks at the Bingham Stage, South Side.

Holy Regression Nicolaitan Orthodox Church is holding its annual Cottage Cheese Sale, now through March 21. Last year nearly eight dollars were raised for the roof fund, which was enough to purchase two rolls of duct tape.

The Street Art Collective of Lawrenceville has decided that 43rd Street is quite artistic just the way it is, and invites everyone to an informal viewing tomorrow at noon.