LEARNING TO RECOGNIZE road signs at a glance is an important accomplishment for any driver. In this installment of our occasional series, Dr. Boli explains a few more of the many signs commonly seen on our streets and highways.

Laughing Frog Ahead

The frog by the side of the road ahead will laugh at you if he does not approve of your vehicle. It is best to ignore his taunts and zip on past.

You Can’t Get There from Here

It is not possible to get to where you intend to go from where you are now, so don’t even try.

No New Paragraphs

You may not begin a new paragraph within the zone indicated by the signs.

Humongous Spiders

You are entering an area inhabited by icky humongous spiders. Step on it and drive like blazes.


  1. Nana J. "Sweetie Pie" Comestock says:

    As I was driving my classic 1938 Dusenberg SJ Mormon Meteor near Bonneville last Spring, I came upon my first Laughing Frog Ahead sign. Upon passing, the frog did in fact laugh in abject disapproval of my vehicle, and so I drew my Pepperbox from my belt and gave him the what for. The sign was replaced shortly thereafter by the Highway Department to read “Dead Frog Ahead”.

  2. Mark W. says:

    On a country road in Kentucky where the pavement changes from blacktop to dirt, a road sign reads: Pick rut carefully, you’ll be stuck in it for next 20 miles.

  3. Jackey Boy says:

    A local lady in Texas went to the town council and asked for a Deer Crossing sign near her home to be removed. She said there is far too much traffic for the deer to cross safely there.

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