Trans-Spatial Vacuum Import/Export Corporation.

THE VACUUM IS an essential commodity in the modern industrial economy. It cleans our houses; it fills our incandescent light bulbs; it keeps our packaged food fresh.

Much labor is expended in producing vacuums for home and industrial use. Powerful, inefficient, energy-gobbling motors are employed in the production of vacuums, all because the vacuum does not naturally occur on earth.

Yet space has an abundance, if not a positive superfluity, of vacuum. It has been estimated that, in the infinite vastness of space, there is enough vacuum to clean every house in North America once a day for a year and still have enough left over to fill the infinite vastness of space.

It is therefore little short of astounding that, as yet, no one has attempted to harness this inexhaustible resource and put it to good use. The canny investor will at once see the necessity of success for an enterprise that calls on an inexhaustible supply to meet an insatiable demand.

The TRANS-SPATIAL VACUUM IMPORT/EXPORT CORPORATION has been incorporated to take advantage of this untapped supply of ready profit. By an exceedingly simple process (which, it will be understood, cannot be divulged without losing our competitive advantage), we propose to import vacuum from the limitless reaches of space. The potential of an investment in such an enterprise is, as you can see, incalculable. The sky, to adapt a hoary old saying, is no longer the limit. Send for your free prospectus now, before some other sucker beats you to it.