International Club Lecture Series.

MR. THAN KIU, Second Deputy Underhoncho of the Government of the Exceedingly Democratic Union of Myanmar, will lead a free workshop entitled “Drafting Democratic Constitutions for Fun and Profit,” tonight at 7 p.m. in the Oliver Room at Heptagon Gardens.

The great problem of constitutional law is the question of how to allow the people to make their own decisions on every important matter of government, without giving them the latitude to make the wrong decisions. This is the problem that has been solved so successfully by the Myanmar system of Democracy with Flourishing Discipline. Mr. Than will show participants how the same fundamental principles can be adapted by human-resources departments to create an atmosphere of “empowerment” in any corporate office without seriously weakening the legitimate authority of management.

Note that Democracy with Flourishing Discipline is a patented intellectual property, but Mr. Than has been empowered by his government to offer very reasonable licensing terms for corporate clients interested in adopting the system.