Dr. Samuel Hahnemann thinking a mischievous thought.

DR. BOLI WAS delighted to discover that a number of homeopaths were attracted to his articles for World Homeopathy Awareness Week, and that some of them left comments that can only be described as original treatises on the subject. This is flattering in the extreme.

Some of these essayists took the opportunity to correct certain popular misconceptions about their science. For example, Dr. M. Rizwan Ali writes:

In homeopathy as i mentioned before there is no specific medicine for a given pathological condition so a homeopath each time has to select a appropriate,unique drug for each & every pt based upon his unique symptomatology(its like discovering a new drug for a given pt suitable to his unique constitution)…

This, incidentally, is why, if you walk into a natural-foods store and purchase a homeopathic cold remedy, the box, when you open it up at home, will be found to contain a tiny, highly miniaturized homeopath.

Sarah Walder of “The Truth About Homeopathy” believes that we should all play nicely together, which is a sentiment with which Dr. Boli heartily agrees. She points out an unassailable fact:

People who visit homeopaths are getting better. We can see this through the many case studies.

This is indisputably true. Dr. Boli would like to point out that, in addition, there have been times when he sat in a comfortable armchair drinking Yunnan tea and got better, and he believes he may have hit upon a useful and profitable complementary therapy.

For the last word, we return to Dr. Ali, who reveals the important connection between homeopathy and Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein, who less than a century ago completely shook the foundations of the vision of the universe, the concepts of gravity, space and time, concepts which were strongly rooted in the scientific world, since the time of Euclid and Newton. Yet, as always happens in these cases, he was not believed by the scientific community of his time. similarly homeopathy which contradict some of the scientific concepts of present generations is not believed by present scientific community.

Dr. Boli would add that, since Einstein lived to see himself widely regarded as the preeminent scientific mind of the age, whereas Dr. Hahnemann (the discoverer of homeopathy) is still awaiting that honor more than a century and a half after his death, the injustice is even more monstrous.