Death of a Drip, by Norbert William Pfister. The latest case in the popular series featuring Ned Gasket, plumber turned amateur detective, finds our doughty hero responding to a call about a dripping shower head in a suburban bathroom. But what he finds in the shower will make your hair stand on end! Now, on the run from both the cops and the real killers, Ned has to figure out who’s trying to frame him, while still finding time to install Mrs. Bolton’s water heater, because she’ll be really furious if he’s late again. With bonus equations for calculating the capacities of various pipes, valves, and fittings. 8vo, 238 pp.


  1. Ricardo Francine says:

    A page-turner and chilling thriller! Wait until you find out how Ned (spoiler alert) short for Nedine, monkey-wrenches himself out of trouble.

    The bonus equations really helped me fix that troublesome leaky sink!

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