LEARNING TO RECOGNIZE road signs at a glance is an important accomplishment for any driver. In this installment of our occasional series, Dr. Boli explains a few more of the many signs commonly seen on our streets and highways.

No Lollygagging During Rush Hour

Other people have things to do and places to go. If you must loaf about like that, that’s what sidewalk cafes are for.

Footnote Ahead

Slow down and prepare to read the important footnote on the sign ahead. These footnotes usually identify the source of the information on the previous warning sign, or the exact statute referred to in the previous regulatory sign. Without reading the footnotes, you are simply taking the information provided by highway signs on blind trust.

Services This Exit

These friendly and helpful signs are posted at turnpike and freeway exits to inform you, by means of easily interpreted pictographs, of the range of services available at an upcoming exit.


Some very unusual road condition or phenomenon is coming up, but it will be much more fun if you discover it for yourself.


  1. Gee, I kind of thought that first one might have been an offshoot of that “Ban the Letter L” campaign I began some moons ago. I still can’t figure why it never caught on. “L” is such a distressing letter, showing its head in words like “Lucifer,” “Long pig,” “Latin,” “Liberal,” “Lilliput,” “Longitude,” “Luther,” and “Leprechaun.” Not to mention the seemingly innocent “Lattice,” “Limestone,” and “Logarithm.” A -etter with such a sketchy record shou-d definite-y be destroyed once and for all.

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