THE LECTURE BY Prof. Wilton Beard, entitled “I’m Lovin’ It: The Irreducible Alterity of the Metadiscourse of Contemporary Advertising as Formal Poetry,” previously scheduled for tonight at Memorial Hall, has been canceled, because Prof. Beard has concluded that current critical theory, to which he had devoted his entire career, is a load of piffle. Further inquiries may be directed to Holy Assumption Monastery in Spring Hill, where Prof. Beard has begun a new vocation filling printer cartridges.


  1. B&W Adv. Gmbh says:

    An informal discussion in the cafeteria will be held anyways, on the following subject; “Codswallop or Piffle: How can you tell the difference?”


  2. Mortimer Van Velkenberg says:

    Codswallop was once used extensively across the countries that border the North Atlantic, but in an eerie coincidence, was overused as a slang term at nearly the same time that the cod stocks (Gadus morhua) were depleted. Today it is virtually impossible to locate, leaving only Piffle to fill the need for a term indicating trivial nonsense. Etymologists are increasingly concerned that the supply of Piffle may come under the same pressures.

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