PITY THE LONELY technical writer! He toils all day in a desert of acoustical tile and fluorescent lighting, surrounded by the uncomprehending and illiterate masses, and nearly always left to his own devices, with no one in sight to help him with the thorny questions that come up whenever he tries to translate technical jargon into human language.

Oh, how he must long for the wisdom of an experienced editor! And at last his prayers are answered: for today, after a brief preparatory period of lurking about in the sidebar hoping no one would notice him, The Editor is ready to join Dr. Boli’s publishing empire.

The Editor, dear friends, is on your side. He is not some sort of ruler-wielding English teacher looking for excuses to make you look silly. He wants nothing more than to make your work easier.

Dr. Boli will add that he has known the Editor for some time, and is willing to vouch for him personally; and surely, dear reader, you need no more recommendation than that.

From Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation.

Wikipedia. According to a study commissioned by the Standard American Encyclopedia Corporation, more than 68% of the articles in Wikipedia are now devoted to describing albums by bands no one has ever heard of.