P. 58. For “Balaclava,” read “baklava.” Adjust other instructions accordingly.

P. 103. For “arsenic,” read “allspice.”

P. 171. Add the word “not” thus: “Baking soda is not a good substitute for salt in case of scarcity.”

Please ignore all text on pp. 238-253. When we wrote this chapter, we had just finished Chapter 17, “Know Your Wines and Spirits,” and frankly we ended up saying a few things about snow peas that, in the cold light of dawn, we can see ought to have been left unsaid.

P. 285. For “eggs,” read “flour.” For “broccoli,” read “pitted cherries.” For “cheese,” read “sugar.” For “sausage,” read “butter.” For “pan,” read “oven.” For “omelet,” read “pie.”

P. 317. It turns out that nightshade is poisonous. Who would have thought?

p. 389. The page numbers in the index are incorrect. You may easily arrive at the correct page number by remembering that the index assumes that the pages are numbered logarithmically rather than sequentially.