Sporting Edition.

Baseball. Under the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Pittsburgh Pirates are required to hire players who are really bad at baseball.

Basketball. The average basketball player is about five feet two inches tall, but basketball courts are cleverly designed to make the players look taller.

Curling. The popular Canadian sport of curling evolved from a curious cross-pollination, so to speak, of lawn bowling with housekeeping.

Football. An investigative report by the Dispatch in 2008 revealed that more than 60% of the players on the three football teams investigated were audio-animatronic.

Golf. Because of the continually escalating expense of the equipment involved, sporting bodies have long debated whether to classify golf as a sport or as a form of extortion.

Tennis. The scoring system of tennis is a relic of the days when the sport was practiced by the ancient Belgae as a fertility ritual.

Yachting. In 2003, a number of well-publicized incidents finally forced the World Yachting Commission to ban the longstanding but controversial practice of blowing really hard over and over again into the sails to gain a little extra speed.


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