Dear Dr. Boli: I have tunnel panic. Whenever I drive towards a tunnel, I feel like I am driving into a brick wall. What do you prescribe? —Sincerely, Panicked in Point Breeze.

Dear Sir or Madam: Dr. Boli would advise you to work on your aim. It is perfectly true that approaching a tunnel at highway speeds is equivalent to driving into a brick wall. But there is a tiny hole in the wall, and if you aim very carefully you will hit the hole instead of the wall. An accurate aim is therefore the foundation of successful and confident tunnel navigation. Missing the hole, on the other hand, invariably leads to disappointment.


  1. markm says:

    That is excellent advice, unless you happen to be a coyote in pursuit of a roadrunner. In that case, you should be wary of tunnels, explosive devices, and all Acme products. In fact, it is best to just stay in bed.

  2. coyote says:

    But what if I purchased said bed from Acme Products?

  3. Jared says:

    So there is a knack to driving, namely to hurtle yourself at a mountain and miss, just as there is a knack to flying, viz., throwing yourself at the ground and missing. I think I begin to see the outlines of a general rule for all forms of locomotion.

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