Pepys, Samuel. After much debate, historians are now generally agreed in crediting Samuel Pepys as the inventor of the personal blog.


  1. Neil Obstat says:

    A shy young maid has took a room down at the Village Inn.
    Her bedside light is oh so bright and the curtains oh so thin.
    At nine o’clock, she enters her room, at half past nine, she sleeps.
    Lord Clarendon walks quickly on. but naughty Samuel Pepys

  2. Look! It’s a pune or play on words!

  3. Scuba Joe says:

    Neil, that poem seems quite unfinished…

    • Dr. Boli says:

      Dr. Boli could imagine a few more rhymes for “Pepys” that would tell the rest of the story: for example, creeps, leaps, reaps, weeps. Fill in those four lines and you have a stern moral tale to instill caution in the foppish rakes of the town.

    • Neil Obstat says:

      Unfinished you say??? Pour vous, sil vous plait….

      I went to rent a lady’s house
      she handed me the key.
      She said, “It’s to be let as it stands
      with all that you can see.”
      “And are you to be let with the house?”
      said I in a saucy tone.
      She said, “I’m not to be let with the house,
      I’m to be let alone!”

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