Dear Dr. Boli: Why do they staff our Sunday schools with Sunday-school teachers who don’t know anatomy? My daddy is a doctor. I looked in his anatomy book, and do you know what it says? The Chief End of Man is the bustle (accurately called by some the “read End”)! I’m only 7 years old, and I’m already forced to choose my loyalty between Faith and Science. —Regards, A young catechumen at Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Dear Sir or Miss: There is no conflict here between faith and science. You are confusing (understandably at your tender age) two senses of the word “end.” The first, which we may call the topographic sense, is the province of science. In this sense, it is difficult to say which of man’s ends is the chief, and cogent arguments can be made for either one. In the second sense, which we may term the philosophical or Aristotelian sense, the word “end” refers to the reason or final cause of a thing. This is the sense with which faith and philosophy have to do. In this sense, as your Sunday-school teachers have doubtless taught you, man’s chief end is to amuse Dr. Boli.