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Part 32.


Letter the Thirty-Ninth:

Miss Honoria Wells to Miss Amelia Purvis.


Dearest Amelia,——

What Wonders I have seen, and what marvelous Things I have heard, I cannot relate in this brief Note; I have seized but a few Moments at the End of the Day, to tell you only that I call you to Memory often, and as often wish that you could be by my Side.

Doctor Albertus is the most remarkable Man I have ever met. I have been most of the Day in his Society; nor can I conceive a more profitable Manner of spending my Time: For his Conversation is an Academy of Philosophy, and I willingly make myself his Disciple. I tell you only the Truth, dearest Amelia, when I say, That the Wonders I have seen are as nothing to the Wonders I have heard. And were you by my Side I could tell you of other Wonders as well: Wonders which may not be named in a Letter, but might only be whispered in Confidence, with the Door bolted against Interruption. Dearest Amelia! Forgive me the Obscurity in which I veil my Thoughts, and know that I would be candid, were Candor consistent with Prudence.

Now I must dress, and look my finest: For this Evening my lord D—— dines with us, and a few others whose Names you might know from the Papers. I believe George may be dining with us as well. With Haste, but with undiminished Affection, I am, &c.


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