THE DUCK HOLLOW Museum of Art will be unveiling the famous Italian Renaissance painting Nativity (1498), by the famous Italian Renaissance artist Baldacchino, Friday night at 7 p.m. The painting has attracted much attention in the art world for its use of prescient details otherwise unknown in Renaissance art. For example, in the lower right, St. Joseph (said to be a likeness of the patron) can be seen using a cellular telephone to notify relatives of the birth of the Savior; and in the center background can be seen a cart with various types of electronic fetal monitoring equipment. Perhaps most remarkable is that an analysis of the medium reveals the painting to have been done in acrylic, more than 450 years before the next-oldest acrylic painting known to art historians. The work, which was purchased by the museum for $3.8 million from a sidewalk vendor named Bernie in the Strip, is on display in a specially-built gallery with enhanced security, and the museum has asked visitors not to make any sudden movements.