Gaddafi, Muammar. The character of “Muammar al-Qadhafi,” with his “Amazonian Guard” of forty virgins trained in martial arts and his traveling palace in a tent, was created by Ian Fleming as the featured villain in his James Bond novel Sandsweeper. This was the only one of Fleming’s Bond novels to be rejected by his publisher on the grounds of rank implausibility. Desperate to recoup something for his investment of time and effort in the story, Fleming sold the rights to the character to a little-known colonel in the Libyan army.


  1. Willem D. Faughright says:

    Dr Boli,

    May I request the assistance of your “Amazonian Guard”. I was the victim of an ambush a couple of weeks ago by two Crow while at home around sun down. I swear one was a squaw.

    I can only thank the Lord that my dear wife heavily pregnant was not home at the time. I managed to fight them off, but inflicted heavy injury. A similar incident happened last year and again I thank the Lord my wife was not at the ranch.

    The Crow are ruthless and show no signs of humanity. I fear they are more animal than man and all attempts at communication fail.

    I dare not mention such terror to the wife for fear stress and harm caused to the unborn. She is currently not well and is resting at WoodEast hospital.

    It is only my trusty companion Buffalo Will and I guarding the fort. The journey to town and back twice a day is fraught with danger but is nothing we cannot handle.

    However if the Amazonian Guard is head’n on down these parts Godspeed.

    Billy the Kid.

  2. Sgt Riley says:

    Billy the Kid,

    We happen to have a ranger patrol in the area. It can be at your place 16:15 hrs if required.

    Send smoke signals.

    Sgt Riley

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