Sir: I write to complain about the extraordinary prevalence of inaccurate information on the Internet. You call yourself an “editor,” yet I see little sign that the Internet is subjected to any sort of editing at all. As the Internet continues to grow, with literally hundreds or even thousands of “Web pages” now available to all and sundry at the click of a mouse, it has become painfully apparent that quality has been sacrificed on the bloody altar of quantity. It’s time you took your responsibilities a bit more seriously than that! If the Internet is too much for one editor to handle, surely you could hire an assistant. I understand that the Internet has become a very profitable operation, so there is no excuse for stinting on necessities. If I do not see some improvement in the quality of the Internet very soon, I shall be forced to cancel my subscription.

Randall Hall, Esq.,
Western Penna Ass’n of Crabby Old Men.