Dear Nergal-Sharezer the Rabmag: Last night I dreamt that one of my neighbors had installed a complete home entertainment system in the back of a Plymouth Horizon, and that he invited me into the car to see it. He had removed the back seats, installed a television and stereo speakers in the hatch, and placed two backward-facing chairs behind the front seats. This dream has been worrying me. What does it mean? —Sincerely, Manfred Honeck.

Dear Sir: The symbolism of dreams is rich and complex, and under ordinary circumstances it is impossible to assign one definite meaning to a particular dream without knowing the most intimate details of the dreamer’s life and thought. In this case, however, you are in luck, since one of the few invariable rules in dream interpretation is that the Plymouth Horizon always represents dry cleaning. How this applies to your own particular dream is not immediately clear, but it gives us somewhere to start. Perhaps you left your dry cleaning with a cleaner who has a complete home entertainment system in the back of his shop. If that is true, then your dream means that your dry cleaning is probably ready now. On the other hand, the backward-facing seats are a worrying detail. Were some of your clothes inside-out when you dropped them off? And will that make a difference? Nergal-Sharezer the Rabmag confesses to some ignorance on the subject of dry cleaning, since, for technical astrological reasons, he never wears the same robe twice.