IF ONE OF your characters must be shown using a computer, remember to specify that the computer must have its own unique operating system, not shared with any other computer on earth. People didn’t come all the way out to the theater and pay ten bucks just to see Windows or Linux; they can see those at work every day.


  1. John M says:

    Dear Dr Boli:

    Should not one also mention to budding scriptwriters the option of boosting income through product placement? The ability of the producer to obtain additional revenue by asking Apple or Microsoft to contribute some of their profits to the production could help fund the show.

    However, they should also have the studio’s attorneys read the license agreement carefully, least the end user license agreement transfers ownership of the script to the software company if the computer is turned on at any time during production…

    Best Regards,

  2. In addition, highly complex operations should be achievable with only the press of a key, and must always produce futuristic sound effects and colourful 3D shapes whirling around the screen.

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