Dear Dr. Boli: By what name did you address your grandmother? —Sincerely, Scuba Joe.

Dear Sir: Dr. Boli was fortunate enough to grow up with three biological grandmothers, as well as numerous little old Dutch ladies in York (Penna.) who thought he was just the cutest thing and more or less appointed themselves honorary grandmothers. The three true grandmothers he addressed as “Grandmother Boli,” “Grandmother Cary,” and “Grandlenewton,” an affectionate nickname whose origin has never been revealed to him, even though his Grandlenewton is still alive today at the age of 312. She can be a bit stubborn. The Dutch ladies were all called “Grossmama.”

Dr. Boli has also been meaning to ask Grandlenewton how he came to have three biological grandmothers, but he is still a little bit afraid of her.