Sir: Who is responsible for the absurd choices of comic strips in your newspaper? Only today I saw a joke I had never seen before in one of your comics. Do you honestly believe that people look for innovation in the comics pages? If so, you are very much mistaken. People who come to the comics pages are looking for familiarity and comfort. They want to see the same jokes that made them laugh when they were children. They want to see catch phrases from popular advertising campaigns repeated verbatim. They want to see French people mocked for having surrendered to the Germans seventy-one years ago. They do not want to have their intellects engaged or their assumptions challenged. If they did, they could read the sports page, for heaven’s sake! I expect your editors to take firm control over the comics in your publication. If they do not, I shall be forced to stop reading your paper over other people’s shoulders on the streetcar.

Alvin K. Windsock,
Point Breeze