FROM TIME TO time, Dr. Boli is privileged to receive communications from somewhere in the ethereal regions that may seem, at first glance, not to be strictly relevant to the topic at hand. But, as Pliny might have said if he had lived into the age of the Internet, there is no comment so bad but that some amusement can be found in it.

“Scuba Equipment and Dive Vacations” asks (rhetorically, one presumes):

What sport would you say costs more money in general, scuba diving or golf?

It has been a long while since Dr. Boli played golf, but, as he recalls, most of the money was actually spent after the eighteenth hole. He suspects that the equivalent may be true of scuba diving, rendering the two sports roughly equivalent in that regard.

“Buy Anabolic” remarks:

Je viens d’ajouter votre page web à mes favoris. J’aime lire vos messages. Merci!

Dr. Boli is always delighted to hear from elementary-school students just beginning what he hopes will be a long and fruitful relationship with the French language. Merci beaucoup, M. Anabolic!

Finally, a correspondent identified as “Indigized” writes, in reference to nothing in particular,

I agree, it’s interesting, probably I come in handy

Indeed you do come in handy, especially on what the journalists call a “slow news day.”