ST. BRITNEY PARISH is low on extra virgin olive oil, and, with the parish festival coming up, is making an appeal to the community. If you have any extra virgins who would be able to work the olive presses for a few hours a day, please have them report to Sr. Mary Norbert, E.V.O.O., in the parish kitchen.

The Port Authority reminds all Red Line riders that the new electronic fareboxes were specifically designed to be just as easy to use as the old mechanical ones, so there is no excuse for all this fiddling that has been going on lately.

The 2100 block of Breckenridge Avenue is having a street sale this Saturday from 10 to 4. Proceeds will be applied to the purchase of a better street.

The Tuesday Garden Club is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for the dandelions in Mrs. Rutherford’s rose garden. Call the Club office with tips (Tuesdays only).

Your city police would like to remind you that crime is everywhere. Leave your door unlocked so that police officers may enter your house when necessary to protect your valuables. Leave a list of your valuables and their locations posted inside your front door to facilitate officers’ investigations.

Registrations for the Blandville Buntings football team will be held all this week at the Senior Center. This fall will be our first season playing in Mrs. Belasco’s back yard, as long as no one spoils the fun by telling Mrs. Belasco about it.

Missing Child Alert. Jeremy Neeld, age 21, has not been seen since he left to go back to Penn State after spring break. Mrs. Neeld says he never calls or texts anymore. If you have information about Jeremy’s whereabouts and whether he’s still seeing that floozy, please speak to Mrs. Neeld directly, or to any of the ladies at the La Bella Salon, who will be sure to pass it on to her.