A series of helpful suggestions for actions you can take that will bring the downfall of the establishment a little bit closer.

No. 2. Blogging. Do you wonder why it takes so long to overthrow the establishment? Lack of information is the answer. It is a shameful fact that most of the oppressed masses have no idea how oppressed they are. Uneducated and uninformed, many of them persist in the absurd delusion that they are reasonably happy with their lives.

But now, through the power of the Internet, you can help awaken the sleeping power of the masses. A weblog or “blog” can reach literally dozens of readers, shaking the vulgus from its complacency with a few well-placed lines of explosive prose. Conclusive and unanswerable arguments will be your weapons against the oppressors.

Don’t forget to call your Internet provider and upgrade your connection to the premium high-speed service, and make sure to subscribe to all the extra options your hosting provider offers, like video storage (video blogging is essential) and custom CSS (because you can’t reach the miserable masses without your own brand identity).

Don’t worry about the cost of these extras. If your blog is successful, you will soon be carrying advertising from major oil companies and other deep-pocketed enterprises that want to reach your carefully targeted demographic. And you can sell merchandise that will both bring in extra cash and strengthen your brand identity. Publishing houses may wish to turn your observations into a book; or, alternatively, major media outlets may contract to carry your observations in their printed pages.

In short, a well-thought-out blog is worth any number of dynamite outrages in bringing the establishment to its knees.


  1. Sp. Bog says:

    Dear Dr Boli,

    I am a little confused about the concept of “brand identity”. What strategy do the no-names employ? I have never seen a targeted marketing campaign get off the drawing board against the brand market leaders.

    They sit on the shelves and look uber cool, Actually the packaging is quite striking and gives off a complex air of simplicty. Look there you go, it sells itself.

    They seem to market themselves via the very absence of marketing,

    Yours miserably,

    Sp. Bog. Master of Puppets (Honest)

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