A series of helpful suggestions for actions you can take that will bring the downfall of the establishment a little bit closer.

No. 3. Bumper Stickers. Thousands of vehicles pass you on the road every week. Those are thousands of potential converts—capitalist stooges who could be turned against the system, if only there were some way to reach them with a few pithy words of truth.

This is where bumper stickers come in. The devastating impact of a well-turned phrase on the rear of your vehicle cannot be overestimated. Every word is a lighted stick of dynamite under the fat posterior of the capitalist system. And many helpful establishments, both on line and in retail stores, now sell these bumper-stickers ready-made for very reasonable prices—if any price were unreasonable to pay for undermining the capitalist economy.

Helpful hint: A large SUV provides a much greater surface area for displaying a well-chosen collection of significant attacks on Big Capital. The moderate extra cost in fuel is more than compensated for by the chance to liberate thousands of minds from the shackles of the capitalist plutocracy.


  1. cs says:

    Dear Dr. Boli,

    I hear there is some talk about an unbearable lightness of being. This I do not dispute, but merely add that the alternative, nonbeing, is unbearable and just plain maddening. But this has set me to thinking— What can man bear? (P.S. If the debt ceiling is not raised, then I shall have all the day long to muse upon such things while I live under my rock.)

  2. Dirk Grey says:

    Dear Dr Boli,

    This lightness of being I have been told stems from a generation of airheads brought up high on the hyper texted bubbling surface content of the Internet. Such content is without question or cross reference passed off as “knowledge”.

    Such “knowledge” lacks dog ears, coffee stains, and weird postcards that “old school” books in overcrowded libraries contained. Such things were at least some measure of quality assurance.

    In addition the understated attraction of the socially awkward, fiercely intelligent, be-speckled female librarian is increasingly becoming more fantasy than reality to the loss of all.

    Libraries allow the imagination to run free with all its nooks and crannies and areas open for exploration. Libraries promote stimulus of the mind and the body and give depth to counter this “unbearable lightness of being”.

  3. Alice says:

    And I thought being be-spectacled was the attraction of the librarian — please tell me, Dirk Grey, are you speaking of freckles or some other kind of speckling?

  4. Dirk Grey says:


    To “be-speckled” is a term of endearment used to describe a librarian with freckles who also happens to wear spectacles. It is the feminised equivalent of” bespectacled” but with an additional twist of freckles.

    While on the subject of freckles this gives a lead into some classical feminist theory. Who nose what CS was getting at when asking “what can a man bear”? While we are discussing the patriarchy and gender oppression are you referring to a “ ManBearPig “? A beast who is “half man, half bear, and half pig”? Due to a cruel mathematical twist of nature, doomed to be 1.5 the man he was supposed to be?

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