Psychotherapy (noun).—The science of treating the problems of selfish, self-centered, self-obsessed, and self-absorbed people by encouraging them to talk about themselves.


  1. G Overself says:

    Dear Dr Boli,

    Psychotherapy it is said is a specialised example of a general process that under normal conditions happens in the wider community. The inability of a society to engage its members in normalcy results in pathological specialisations such as psycho-therapy (latin: care of the soul / breathe)

    I have it from some of my medical and psycho colleagues the latest breakthrough in attempts to “get over one self” have people abandoning the private psychotherapy sessions for more public, liberating and indulgent therapy options.

    1. The solo pop artist who sings about themselves.
    2. The performance artist who performs as themselves.
    3. The lone Facebook profile who talks to themselves.
    4. The portrait painter/sculptor who paints/sculpts themselves.
    5. The blogger who blogs about themselves

    Side effects include public humiliation, allegations of illicit influences, and questionings of sanity by the insane masses.

    Paradoxically the side effects are self-induced….Why are they not hiding behind pseudonyms like any normal person not comfortable, crazy, or fearless enough to express themselves?

    G. Overself

  2. Caren says:

    Frohsinn Witz:
    Ein Mann kommt spät nachts aus seiner Stammkneipe nach Hause. Durch den Lärm wacht seine Frau auf und fragt ihn, was er denn für einen Lärm macht.

    Er: “Die Schuhe sind umgefallen.”

    Sie: “Das macht doch nicht so einen Krach.”

    Er: “Ich stand noch drin.”

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