STACK YOUR CATS for more efficient storage.

If you keep milk in your refrigerator long past its expiration date, you’ll save big money on cottage cheese.

Don’t forget to thank your microwave when your food is done.

Door-to-door salesmen, missionaries, Girl Scouts, etc., have hundreds of uses around the house, and are easily collected with a simple and inexpensive trap door.

It’s easier to stick to your diet if you fill your pantry with food that tastes really bad.

Wall-to-wall carpeting can be made reversible if you build all your rooms in exactly symmetrical shapes.

If you have cockroaches in your kitchen, assign them light chores. Post a little checklist to make sure the work gets done.


  1. jimblandy says:

    Actually, my microwave displays a little scrolling message when it is through — “ENJOY YOUR MEAL” — so I sometimes do thank it.

    It’s kind of an odd message if you’re just melting butter, though.

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