Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation

in a handy one-volume edition.

DID YOU KNOW that “apricot” is merely an inferior grade of peach? That the judge at the first Westminster Kennel Club show narrowly avoided being crushed by the paw of a giant schnauzer? That Pertinax was the first Roman emperor to hop on one foot for more than three hours straight?

If you did not know these important facts, then you have not been reliably misinformed.

Do not despair! Help is at hand. Now, for the very first time, Dr. Boli has gathered all the misinformation in the known universe and compressed it between the covers of one handy portable volume. Read it, and you can be as completely misinformed as the most powerful politicians and professors on earth.

No expense has been spared in the production of this lavishly illustrated volume. The paper is first-rate, the binding meets the most stringent federal safety standards, and the type has been painstakingly designed, letter by letter, by none other than Dr. Boli himself.

Yet the expense to you, the sagacious reader, is negligible. You can have Dr. Boli’s Encyclopedia of Misinformation for less than 1/150 the cost of a standard encyclopedia—a work which, being filled with mere information, has almost no practical application in the real world of today.

It is certainly not necessary to enlarge upon the potential benefits of this publication to the educated population at large. If you had been stymied in your search for the perfect Christmas gift, be stymied no longer. A suitable number of copies will take care of all your Christmas shopping at once. You may also wish to donate copies to your local library, school, and homeless shelter.