Each sad attempt at snow so far has fizzled;
Each threatened blizzard proved to be a dud.
Instead of snow and ice, it only drizzled,
And all we have to show for it is mud.
But January’s young, and now it’s breezy,
Which makes us hope the weather’s turning freezy.


  1. Obviously the esteemed Dr. Boli has legions of servants to shovel the walk for him in the event of snow. Those of us not superwealthy from inventing the letter M (heck knows you’ve gotten your fair share of royalties from me…and there’s another one!) may not particularly love this sort of damp and rainy winter, but we’d still much rather have a muddy garden than a sidewalk covered in snow tamped down by dozens of passing feet into an un-shovelable pancake layer forever frozen to the underlying concrete.

  2. Dr. Bjorn Bjornsen says:

    And congestion in my lungs is turning wheezy.

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