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  1. Sim Bee says:

    Love this! Please create more and give longer articles. I love the anonymous source, “Joe.” Thanks for making me laugh.

  2. raf says:

    If only….

  3. John Salmon says:

    I have been deciding writing in the lucudic style of many real fake persons who quoted here. Barack at the bus terminus brings comedic imagery to psyche. He was a Chief Executor for lo those many millennia. His spousal Mike made my heart spinning. O’Bama was Gaelicish but more than a half of African. Now Barackk does live theater on BET and Netfox, parading ideologicly. I know his sister Valerie. New Chief Executir Hangman Joe, has a Barck ball club manager running his canteen. USA in best of arthritic hands, says experts. I hopes i passed the audible and can be this again someyear.

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