SINCE THE FLATTERING success of our first endeavor in this field, many of our canine readers have been clamoring for another amusement of the same type. Here it is:

1. What English novelist wrote Orlando and To the Lighthouse?

2. What ornamental article of clothing would a well-dressed Elizabethan gentleman have worn around his neck?

3. What name is given to the protective outer layer of the trunk or stem of a woody plant?

4. What well-known twentieth-century composer set both the Carmina Burana and the Carmina of Catullus to music?

5. Who was made Acting Attorney General at the end of the “Saturday Night Massacre” in 1973?

6. What name is  given to the crosswise threads on a loom in weaving?

7. What was the real name of the eccentric novelist who wrote Hadrian the Seventh under the pseudonym “Baron Corvo”?

Bonus question for extra credit:

8. In the time of Jeremiah, what Babylonian officer held the title of Rabmag?


1. Woolf

2. Ruff

3. Bark

4. Orff

5. Bork

6. Woof

7. Rolfe

8. Nergal-Sharezer