IN REFERENCE TO the article Dear Web User, frequent correspondent Martin the Mess writes:

What if we don’t have any bank accounts due to our frustration with the ridiculous level of low-activity fees they charge these days? While I’m perfectly willing to loan my money to a bank at zero interest for prolonged periods of time, provided I can theoretically get it back at a moment’s notice, I categorically refuse to pay them for this privilege.

Recognizing the difficulty this reader and many others in his position face, Dr. Boli has attacked the problem by opening a bank of his own, the Boli Deposit Bank, which guarantees never to charge low-activity fees for any account as long as the bank is in existence. You, the depositor, simply hand your money to Dr. Boli, and he takes it, without charging you a cent.

It should be noted that, as this is a deposit bank, the withdrawal feature is not currently offered on accounts, although it may be possible to include that service at some time in the indefinite future.


  1. John M says:

    And this would be different from MF Global how?

    • Unlike the corporate fat cats who abscond with all the profits from MF Global, the Boli Deposit Bank invests all its profits into socially-conscious investment funds and recognized charities, such as the Buy Dr. Boli More Yunnan Tea Fund, Dr. Boli’s Rest Home For Retired Typewriters, and The Boli Personal Wealth Fund.

  2. Jared says:

    Also the Boli Sovereign Wealth Fund, which consists entirely English gold sovereigns from the Tudor era, save for the scandalous inclusion of one ducat and two florins during particularly heady times for the fund.

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