1. Jared says:

    Dear Dr. Boli:

    Can I get credit for life experience? As a public sector employee of several years, I have a passable knowledge of stapler placement and could probably test out of that subject matter. Also, I lack nephews, wastrel or otherwise. I recognize, of course, that this is an expedited masters’ track, but is that module an elective, and might I substitute some other more relevant subject matter, like intermediate platitudes

    Yours &c,

  2. Do many of the courses in this department also count as credit towards an Academic Administration degree? Running a department at a major university would seem to have an awful lot of crossover skills with those taught in these courses.

  3. fuinseoig says:

    Dear Dr Boli, like your first correspondent, I too have some years’ experience in local government in a clerical capacity, so I can claim to have used many sizes, models and makes of staplers and am both proficient in their use and knowledgeable in their placement.

    I have two nephews, but neither are wastrels (as yet; being only fifteen and twelve, respectively), however, I feel a keen interest in locating comfortable sinecures at the expense of the public purse for them (having seen samples of those who do manage to acquire such posts in my work environment, my nephews at least have the advantages of diligence and honesty to recommend them).

    Being but a clerical officer of the lowest grade, I have not had the opportunity to delegate, so I am naturally interested in acquiring this skill.

    However, my main query is this: does this course include a module on claiming expenses? I ask this, since my upbringing unfortunately inculcated too great a degree of honesty regarding such matters, and I find myself regrettably unable to lie when filling out forms. As a public servant, this puts me at a great disadvantage, as I am sure you can see.

  4. fuinseoig says:

    Does this course contain a module on claiming expenses, reimbursements and other perquisites? Since my upbringing inculcated such a degree of honesty that regrettably I find myself unable to lie when filling out official forms, I am naturally at a disadvantage as a publc servant, as will be apparent.

    Also, I have two nephews but neither of them are wastrels (as yet). Can I still place them in comfortable sinecures at the expense of the public purse?

  5. Jared says:

    Kids these days. A generation or two ago, children had to take no-show jobs as early as age 14, and what’s more, they were happy to have them.

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