entitled “Ode to a Very Good Article,” constructed from comments submitted but for various reasons not approved for publication. Each stanza is originally one entire comment.

all within the four seas are brothers,
the author of the article let me remember profoundly,
writing is very good.

Unmatchable aspiring an dwelling house
misrepresenting consequence
because the crime syndicate.
An vacation or an exceptional social occasion
embodies a good fourth dimension.

Statements unobstructed,
at the beginning and the end of the handle
is very good,
is a very good article.

I experienced it’s helpful to me,
I hope every volition like it.

Your information inch this article to partake in,
service me.
Incisively what I needed.

I remember the author’s composition
constitutes really effective,
whilst the point of panorama
a minuscule morsel contrasting,
simply izzit is a good article,
and the source give the sack
trust to feature sentence
to talk about close to troubles.

The music is not pleasing to the ear;
we might have more of the grand rhythm
and majestic Louis Vuitton Monogram Purse the Ganges,
flowing slowly and eternally into the sea.

Be courageous in your life
and in your pursuit of the things you want
and the timberland shoes outlet person
you want to become.
Finally, I seemed to grasp his meaning
and realized that here was
a profound observation wholesale timberland boots.


  1. Dr. Boli says:

    It is perhaps useful to state as an official policy of this publication that any comment submitted may eventually be made to serve as part of a free-verse poem. It is not very likely, but it should always be borne in mind as a possibility.

  2. rafinlay says:

    I can’t help but think that this says something meaningful about free-verse poetry, in general.

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