PROMINENT SOCIETY SPINSTER and philanthropist Miss Alida Fortescue-Montague-Finch made a very moving speech at last night’s charity ball in support of the Fortescue-Montague-Finch Foundation, a charity founded by her father that provides inner-city youths with proper cummerbunds and waistcoats in an effort to keep them “off the streets.” Miss Fortescue-Montague-Finch told the story of a young man who formerly spent his days among the very dregs of society, but made a complete reformation when he received a black paisley waistcoat from the Foundation, and has now established a “waltz gang” for at-risk youth that meets at his local community meth lab. Thirty-two cummerbunds and eighteen waistcoats were collected at last night’s ball, nearly equaling the record of thirty-four cummerbunds and seventeen waistcoats set back in 1963.