THE ROCOCO-COLA Bottling Company has announced plans to confront its rivals in the shelf-space war with its new ten-and-a-half-ounce bottle, which will now be offered in all Rococo-Cola brands, including Rococo-Cola, Rococo-Cola No Caffeine, Rococo-Cola Real Sugar, Rococo-Cola Reduced Caffeine, Diet Rococo-Cola, No-Calorie Rococo-Cola, Rococo-Cola Zilch, Sugar-Free Rococo-Cola, Low-Sugar Rococo-Cola, Rococo-Cola Transparent, Rococo-Cola Cherry, Rococo-Cola Lime, Rococo-Cola Vanilla, and Rococo-Cola Tastes Like Chicken. The ten-and-a-half-ounce bottle joins the regular six-ounce, eight-ounce, twelve-ounce, sixteen-ounce, twenty-four-ounce, liter, two-liter, three-liter, and half-liter sizes, as well as the nine-ounce and eleven-and-a-half-ounce cans.


  1. Martha says:

    Does this mean that Rococo-Cola will not be running its Summertime Limited Edition Watermelon and Coconut Zing! in the six-ounce, twelve-ounce and Budget Value twenty-ounce sizes? Why do manufacturers insist in limiting consumer choice in this fashion?

  2. gillyc says:

    Why only cold drinks? I can’t be the only person who wants Rococo Cocoa!

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