Flag of Abkhazia. The seven stars represent the seven historical regions of the country; the green and white stripes represent the friendly coexistence of Islam and Christianity; the upraised hand represents the Abkhazians’ traditional opposition to jaywalking.

Dear Dr. Boli: So I found out that July 4 is Independence Day in Abkhazia, which meant that I had to find out what an Abkhazia was, and then I started to notice how many other countries celebrate their independence in July. Why is that? Oh, and also August. —Sincerely, A Professor of Agriculture, but with an Interest in History.

Dear Sir or Madam: July and August, the hottest months of the year, are the times when people are at their most irritable. Minor inconveniences, such as a rise in parking-meter rates, are then perceived as monstrous injustices. A wise government will learn from your observation to make its most unpopular decisions in the spring or fall, when the weather is most pleasant.