PITTSBURGH PARKING COURT would like to request Mr. Aelfric Timmons Wright to stop filing amicus curiae briefs. Mr. Wright is hereby informed that the Court does not consider him an amicus, and that in fact the Court doesn’t like him very much at all.


  1. Jared says:

    Sadly, this is the sort of response I have come to expect from that cesspool of corruption that is the Pittsburgh Parking Court. Mr. Wright, as all who have appeared before that miserable court well know, is a public benefactor, a true patriot standing up for our chartered liberties.

    Some months ago, I was hauled before this wretched court on some trumped up charge, and Mr. Wright submitted an amicus brief on my behalf, ably demonstrating, under both admiralty and canon law, that I was not guilty of parking at an expired meter, and while I may have been guilty of simony, this offense does not fall within the jurisdiction of the parking court.

    In a brilliant tangent, Mr. Wright also established that attorneys are in violation of the constitutional prohibition on titles of nobility, and enumerated the shocking history of the suppression of that duly ratified amendment. One can only posit that the court, wary lest the public should learn of this massive farce perpetrated on We The People, seeks to silence Mr. Wright with this heavy-handed announcement, and this calumny on his august person.

    I beg to remain, Sir,
    Your obt svt,
    Baronet Earl V. Johnson, Esq.

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