IT IS WITH great pleasure that Dr. Boli announces the addition of the magazine First Things to his celebrated Publishing Empire. Many regular readers of both publications will doubtless have questions about the new arrangement. Dr. Boli will attempt to answer these questions in the catechetical format that has become so popular in disseminating information on the World-Wide Web.

Q. How did I get here?

A. If you had been looking for Dr. Boli at his old address, you arrived by means of an HTML redirect. For anyone familiar with HTML, the thing holds no mystery; for other readers, the best way to explain it is that it works by means of sorcery. Nevertheless, you should update your bookmarks, since the demonic forces behind HTML redirects are notoriously unreliable.

Q. Will First Things change radically under the new regime?

A. No. The two magazines will be operated independently. Dr. Boli will continue to edit his own magazine, and the editors of First Things will continue to do whatever it is they do.

Q. Why First Things in particular?

A. Primarily because the price of Cabling Installation & Maintenance was set unrealistically high.

Q. Isn’t First Things sort of a reactionary magazine?

A. Quite so; and reactionaries are never happy unless they have something to react to. Dr. Boli takes great delight in making people happy.

Q. What are Dr. Boli’s politics exactly?

A. Dr. Boli is still registered as a Federalist, but he has never quite forgiven his own party for the Alien and Sedition Acts, though they were passed when he was still a small boy. Since he reached his majority, his primary criterion in bestowing his vote has been whimsy. This year he will probably give his vote to the Socialist Workers Party.

Q. I don’t approve of one of the advertisements in the margin.

A. Don’t you?

Q. I thought I was supposed to be asking the questions.

A. Were you? —In any case, if you disapprove of one of the advertisements, you should remember that clicking on that advertisement costs the advertiser money. Does that suggest a logical course of action?


  1. Mary says:

    Well, I shall follow you here as I did there.

  2. Dr. Boli, What a great acquisition! As your empire increases, so does my admiration. Bravo!

  3. Aw, I miss the old site. I’ll grudgingly put up with the First Things claptrap around the screen for my daily fix of Dr. Boli.

    And is your “I Wish I’d Said That” site down permanently? I haven’t been able to access it for weeks.

  4. Dr. Boli says:

    We have not been able to duplicate the problem with “I Wish I’d Said That”: it still loads quickly here in several different browsers. Is it possible that your bookmark was corrupted? Did you try the link in the right-hand margin of this page? Or does your Internet service provider disapprove of the site? Check your “Terms & Conditions” to see whether they say anything about Sir Roger L’Estrange.

  5. This will be my third attempt to reply to Dr. Boli with an update on my efforts to visit his other site. For some reason, my follow-up comments are not being accepted for posting on this site.

    I still can’t access his “I Wish I’d Said That” secondary blog, nor ping the site manually, despite changing my DNS server and disabling my security software. A call to my ISP’s tech support has been less than helpful.

    Can anyone else access that site? I’ve been using the link on the right-hand side of this page, and on other pages from Dr. Boli’s publishing empire.

    • Dr. Boli says:

      Many apologies for the extra effort you had to go through. The Web sprites say that the server hosting this Magazine has been having some difficulties, which will eventually be solved either by adjusting a few settings or by sacrificing a goat. “I Wish I’d Said That” is on another host; it’s still accessible here, but we’ll try a few more experiments at random coffee houses.

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