The young Duke of Blythering, when he was about eight years of age, used to throw servants at his mother until she gave him sultana pudding.

Eva and Ivy Blunt, twin sisters in Roanoke, have made more than five hundred prank calls to the same tobacconist. It is because of their activities that the shop has stopped carrying Prince Albert tobacco entirely.

Famous child star Biffy Spindle has had three of her make-up artists drawn and quartered.

King Ethelred II, who was ten years old when he became King of England, delayed getting dressed for his coronation so long that he had to be crowned in his pajamas, and was ever afterward known as “Ethelred the Unready.”

Candace Shiras Wenzell-Neeld, heir to the Neeld confetti fortune, calls everyone she meets “Shirley.”

Two children with a homemade brigantine conquered Canada some years ago and ruled as absolute dictators for most of the summer.

Ruby Pontchartrain Wrack, a student in Miss Pander’s fourth-grade English class, wilfully and persistently reads at a seventh-grade level, in spite of her teacher’s best efforts to stop her.