About three and a half years ago, Dr. Boli gave his readers a few optical illusions to amuse them in their spare moments. For reasons he cannot pretend to explain, that article has been consistently popular since then, and has attracted a lively discussion in the comments section. The sociologist or the educator attempting to delve into the secrets of the modern American (or English) mind could find no better starting point than these comments.


  1. Clay Potts says:

    Illusion 5 is especially effective, the illusion speaks volumes beyond its caption, to be sure!

    I am married to a twin and Mrs. Potts also looks nothing like her twin, even with one eye covered; what a coinsidental illusion!

  2. Ignatius J. Reilly says:

    The referenced post, so utterly incompatible with the weltanschauung of the average internet-human (as is evinced by the referenced commentary), is pure gold and is a premiere example of the sort of brilliance which once graced the noble pages of Dr. Boli’s blog. While it is certainly understandable that in his quest to spread his somewhat peculiar brand of taste and decency (with which I do not always find myself in complete agreement, but such is life: one must give credit where it is due, even when there are misgivings) by rampant and aggressive commercial practices, I find that ever since his acquisition of First Things that the articles on several occasions are of such quality that they might have been written by any degenerate youth on the top deck of a Greyhound Scenicruiser. Dr. Boli should frequently make his ghostwriters (who should all be lashed publicly) return to the visionary work of his early years until they can reproduce it perfectly (for it is unthinkable that any of them should acquire the serenity or inspiration to actually produce something of that quality by their own feeble efforts).

    Your pacifist working boy

  3. Clay Potts says:

    The second posting is wonderfully evinced by Google’s own sample sentence:

    EVINCED: past participle, past tense of e·vince (Verb)
    1.Reveal the presence of (a quality or feeling).
    2.Be evidence of; indicate: “man’s inhumanity to man as evinced in the use of torture”.

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