The Blandville Area School Board would like to remind parents that our new zero-tolerance anti-bullying policy is in effect. It is vital that your children understand that serious measures must be taken against bullies in school, and all incidents of bullying must be reported to a guidance counselor. Students who fail to report that they have been bullied will be assigned in-school suspension, in which they will be forced to sit on a stool at the front of the class wearing the “UNCOOPERATIVE VICTIM” smock. Second offenders will also have their lunch money confiscated. Remind your children, especially the funny-looking ones who are frequent bullying targets, that these stern measures are necessary, and that failure to collaborate with the authorities will not be tolerated.


  1. John M says:

    So all students must report the school board to the guidance counselors? Are you sure this isn’t the Ouroboros School District?

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