The crossing tower of Lincoln Cathedral could be played as a quadruple-sub-contrabass recorder until 1549, when the spire collapsed during a particularly vigorous performance.

Wenderman’s Patent Concretophone enjoyed a brief fashion before the First World War, but the maker’s allotment of concrete went to the war effort, and the manufacture was not revived after the Armistice.

Excavations in the south of France have discovered artifacts indicating that Neanderthal man possessed a rudimentary form of concertina.

The piccolinelletto sounds thirteen octaves above the written score.

The Uniphone, which sounds only the note A flat, was designed by Dr. Emil von Schnapps as a therapeutic recreation for his tone-deaf patients.

Rolfe’s Bovine Organ toured the athenaeum circuit in the middle nineteenth century. Though well received, it proved excessively expensive to operate, as the oxen could not be reused.