1. Clay Potts says:

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am VERY interested in pursuing a career in stapling and your six-year Master’s program sounds perfectly aligned to a highly motivated person as myself. Before I register, however, I do have one concern. I am left-handed and I will need access to a left-handed stapler and staples. Does your University accommodate persons with my particular need?

    Signed, Stanley L. Salthpauwlicowski

  2. Lukas von Kuhl-Handschue says:

    Dear Dr. Holloway,

    As an added testimony for those who may consider your institute, I note that I was pleased to receive the school’s Scholarship for studies in Advanced Staple Wire Applications, and with the knowledge from that program have since entered into a highly remunerative career as a combine-harvester-hay-baler operator. Many thanks again !

    P.S. The previous correspondent may be interested to know that the controls of the combine-harvester-hay-baler can be set for right-handed or left-handed farm hands (safety first, always wear gloves when operating wire bending machinery of any kind.)

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