1. Oooh! Cereal I can eat while watching TV and still hear the dialogue over the sound of my own chewing! Neat!

  2. Clay Potts says:

    Oh, great, a breakfast cereal which won’t drown out the voices in my head!

  3. Lars Walker says:

    I’ve always hated crunchy cereal.

  4. Publius says:

    Dr. Boli,

    Some days ago you wrote to congratulate me (or really my countrymen) on accomplishing the most boring coup d’etat in history. Yes, it was prudent to leave all the salacious bits to the French. Nonetheless, as it is eternally true that civic society thrives on debate and discussion, a couple of things are worthy of further comment.

    On the matter of 27 horrid mistakes, a great many observers—not just myself—number them only 17, because the first ten were really part of the ratification debate which was all part of the boringness of the boring coup d’etat in the first place. The howling stupidities, you see, actually began at number 11.

    More than that, on the matter of summer heat and compromise, my machinations have been too easily dismissed. Dr. Carnot has shown us how to turn heat into work within certain limits. Now the electoral collage, separation of powers, and so forth work on the same principle: the heat of partisan faction is funneled through these components to harmless ends, permitting the work of a large-scale republic. There has been nothing quite like it if I may say so.


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