A few articles ago, Dr. Boli used this page from an early-nineteenth-century spelling book merely to illustrate the idea of “spelling.” Now here is one more spelling-related game: How many words can you find on this page that certainly would not be in an elementary-school spelling book today? Dr. Boli will start the game by picking two words: “cit,” because it is almost never used anymore, and “slut,” because it is used entirely too often.


  1. Martha says:

    “Wed”. This sends an entirely inappropriate message of moral condemnation to those children whose parents or parent are or is not married, have never been married, or did not even meet in person at the fertility clinic.

    It also imposes standards of heteronormative patriarchal conformity, unless used solely in the context of marriage equality.

  2. Sean says:

    “Hug”. We certainly can’t allow open displays of physical affection like that between elementary school students.

    Actually, I’m surprised that “gun” isn’t on here.

  3. Is “milt” even a word?

  4. Dr. Boli says:

    “Milt” means “the spermatic fluid of fishes” or “the testes, or spermaries, of fishes when filled with spermatozoa.” It is also apparently an archaic term for the spleen.

  5. Greybeard says:

    There is one word which I will not even cite because of the extreme cultural sensitivity it evokes. In it’s old usage it referenced the used instrument of tobacco byproduct inhalation, which is now so reprehensible that any word associated with the practice will cause young innocent ears to blister. Later the word morphed into a reference to participants in the preferred lifestyle of modern cultural elites but it did so in a derogatory manner. Speaking of such a lifestyle in anything less than glowing adulation is prosecutable as criminal hate speech in most progressive countries which makes the cultural elite in our backwater quite jealous. While we await the criminalization of such usage, our speech codes merely consider the word’s current usage more reprehensible than anything associated with the word’s previous usage.

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