Controversy erupted yesterday at a local elementary school when a parent complained that his daughter’s answer had unfairly been marked wrong on a third-grade arithmetic test. Ms. Regina Denary, a teacher at Blandville Elementary School in Blandville, gave a grade of 90% to a pupil identified by the school administration as “Student X,” claiming that the pupil’s answer of 37 to the problem of 12 × 8 was “wrong.” The father, identified as “Mr. X,” complained to the school administration that Ms. Denary had established a regime of totalitarian microfascist Orwellian hegemony that stigmatized students with “deviant” ideas by insisting on a univocal “truth” that denies the irreducibly individual experience of the student. The school administration upheld the complaint, and Ms. Denary was reprimanded and ordered to “teach the controversy.”


  1. Clay Potts says:

    Isn’t this the same school district which had 364 Valedictorians at this years graduation? Three hundred and sixty-four sets of parents were arrested and taken to jail for violently defending their child’s right to be the first to speak. Three hundred and sixty-four students fell into a weepy heap crying for their mommy’s.

  2. May Ms. Denary’s error be a lesson to us all — a lesson that does not, of course, stigmatize anyone with ‘deviant’ ideas by insisting on a univocal ‘truth,’ but instead affirms the irreducibly individual experience of us all, including, er . . . Ms. Denary’s own experience of her experience . . .

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

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