Dear Dr. Boli: Is it true that the state legislature of Florida accidentally outlawed computers, smartphones, and the Internet? I heard something like that, and it had me a bit worried. —Sincerely, Tim Cook.

Dear Sir: No, it is not true. It is true that Florida outlawed “any machine or device or system or network of devices” that could be used for on-line gambling, which means any device capable of connecting to the Internet; and it is true that this provision in the law effectively outlaws computers and smartphones, and thus the Internet itself. But that was no accident. The Florida state legislature does not like the Internet at all. The Internet has made fun of it over and over again, and now it is time for the Florida legislature to have its revenge.


  1. Clay Potts says:

    In response to this law, Raul Castro has decided to offer free WI-FI to any Floridian willing to make the 90 mile trip to Cuba to use it. Not because Mr. Castro has any special dislike for the Florida legislature or any particular love for the internet. Rather, because its been 50 years since Cuba could consider itself an international Hotspot.

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