1. William Ford says:

    Government schools are propaganda ministries,to teach children the dominant ideology of the administrators of the system.They exist also for the pecuniary benefit of the employees and administrators.

  2. Colonel Swenson says:

    Speaking of education, I note that you, Dr. Boli, have the degree of “LL.D”, or “Llegum Doctorae”, i.e. “Doctor of Laws”. I hold a degree of “LL.M” or “Master of Laws”. I assume that, were we to be involved in any joint endeavor, by dint of my degree, I would be the Master in our relationship. I look forward to your obeisance.

  3. Zombie Psychologist says:

    No such luck, Colonel, as Dr. Boli INVENTED the letter M, and YOU owe him royalties.

    Know your place: Dr. Boli pays obeisance to no-one.

  4. Marie says:

    Phooey, too late to use this for our district — vote down the new school, do it for the children!

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